That’s it my friends, I am dead and gone. I can’t handle the cuteness. Goodbye.


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Anonymous said: I am not saying this to be mean, so don't take it this way TiPo fans! But I never understood why people assumed they were a thing. They are good friends who respect and cherish each other without any romance. I am hoping in KFP3 this is confirmed when Po meets a female panda. If so I doubt Tigress will be jealous about it at all too.

It’s just what people feel about them. They see there is something more than just a good friendship. So it’s equal, what you want to see and what shippers want to see. Because the result of the situation is not yet revealed. 

btw Dreamworks is good at making different-animals-pairs so we’re like… 

Anonymous said: are po and tigress a thing

We hope they are. 

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

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You could've just said no...

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jeely’s favorite movies (in no particular order) 

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

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Requested by Anon:

Some funny GIFs of Po’s pants falling off from KFP:LOA

Episodes: The Way of the Prawn & Secret Admirer

Sorry this took so long :(

I’ve been on my RP blog a lot lately.  If you’d like me to more or create some stills for you, anon, just inbox me.  You can click on that link and follow my Po blog or message me there, too.  I’ll do my best to post them ASAP.


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Po’s Wisdom Dumpling #5

Yoooo, Jennifer Yuh Nelson directed this little tidbit.

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If you’re feeling low, just remember that tomorrow’s mystery will bring a smile on your face or it might make you cry. Let’s just focus on the smile part for now! :)

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🐼 Out of Panda Paws:

DreamWorks TV

Po Does A Funny Trick - Kung Fu Panda

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